Ева Косу Пре Перебирают Пун Чипке Људске Косе Перике Са Дететом Косе 8"-26" Природна Боја Каталонски Реми Косе Glueless Коврџава Чипка Перике

Ева Косу Пре Перебирают Пун Чипке Људске Косе Перике Са Дететом Косе 8"-26" Природна Боја Каталонски Реми Косе Glueless Коврџава Чипка Перике

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Tagovi: перику са косом бебе, перику са, чипка перике, Јефтини перику са косом бебе, Висок квалитет перику са, Кина чипка перике перику добављача.

  • Тип Блока : комад
  • Величина Паковања : 15cm x 10cm x 5cm (5.91in x 3.94in x 1.97in)
  • Тежина Амбалаже : 0.5kg (1.10lb.)

  • Тип Волоси : Комплетан Чипка Перике
  • Максимална Дужина: 8дюймов, 10 инча, 12inches, 14inches, 16inches, 18 инча, 20inches, 22inches, 24inches, 26 инча
  • Материјал Класа: Реми Косе
  • Боја чипке: Средње-Браон
  • Текстура: Увијен
  • Врста Ставке : Перику
  • Метод Производње: Руке Везали
  • Основни Материјал: Швајцарски Чипке
  • Комада у паковању: 1 Ком Само
  • Величина Поклопца : Просечна Величина
  • Пословно Име : Ева Косе
  • Тип Људске Косе : Бразилски Косу
  • Дужина Перике : Дуго
  • Боја: Природна Боја
  • Густина: 130%
  • Одговарајуће Боје Да Умре: Све Боје
  • Материјал: Људска Коса
  • Можда Је Пермед: Да
Allen Engraci24 2018-03-26 Good customer service from Larry..lovely hair ..few shedding but overall love it 5/5
Kostya Varlamov 2018-04-08 This is the best Aliexpress hair I’ve had until now. The hair is soft and I haven’t experience annoying tangles. Not much till no shedding. It’s really pre plucked not like the others. I did bleach the nots. I’m a beginner but working with it was okay. The wig has no sideburns though and is a bit small. Next time I order I probably go for a bigger cap size I think. After flattering the curls did return 5/5
Joshuaste 2018-04-12 omg this is superb nice good i love it the same time i see it good saler good communication i am in love with my hair 5/5
Lerochka Cherry 2018-04-11 I really wish that I could say good things about this hair. When I first got it everything looked promising. I didn’t have to customize the wig. Just bleach my knots, which I didn’t not bleach my whole wig not even the whole front just about an inch in the front to make it look more natural. Beautiful wig the first 3 days. After it was a disaster. The hair came out in clumps. My shipping took longer than expected. I had her had a company send out a shipping confirmation and my hair wasn’t actually shipped. They haven’t even made my wig yet. That was strange. The communication was good. But this wig is a no go. Here’s some pictures in chronological order.. it has only been 2 weeks.. hair didn’t even last a MONTH 2/5
Gallegucho 2018-04-11 I received the hair and I have zero complaints thus far. It arrived at my given address literally in 6 days. It’s very soft and it passed the burn test *where u burn a strand of hair to see if it’s synthetic* I combed through the hair and so far shedding is minimal. Litterally 8 strands of hair was shed. The cap is a bit tight. I’m very happy with this hair I haven’t customized cut yet but I will update my review once I’ve customized the unit, installed it and worn it for a while 5/5
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