Људске Косе Пун Кратак Боб Перике Коврџава Боб Перику Фронта Људске Косе Перике Каталонски Non-Реми Косе Природна Боја Косе Сунчан Краљица

Људске Косе Пун Кратак Боб Перике Коврџава Боб Перику Фронта Људске Косе Перике Каталонски Non-Реми Косе Природна Боја Косе Сунчан Краљица

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Tagovi: краљица косе каталонски, краљица бразилски коврџаву косу, краљица Боб, Јефтини краљица косе каталонски, Висок квалитет краљица коса коврџава каталонски, Кина краљица Боб добављача.

  • Величина Паковања : 15cm x 10cm x 5cm (5.91in x 3.94in x 1.97in)
  • Тежина Амбалаже : 0.5kg (1.10lb.)
  • Тип Блока : комад

  • Основни Материјал: Француска Чипке
  • Метод Производње: Половина Машина Урадила И Половина Везали Руке
  • Комада у паковању: 1 Ком Само
  • Величина Поклопца : Просечна Величина
  • Тип Људске Косе : Бразилски Косу
  • Текстура: Запремина Талас
  • Одговарајуће Боје Да Умре: Све Боје
  • Густина: 130%
  • Материјал Класа: Non-Реми косе
  • Пословно Име : SunnyQueen
  • Тип Волоси : Чипке предње перике
  • Дужина Перике : Просечна
  • Боја чипке: Средње-Браон
  • Максимална Дужина: 8дюймов, 10 инча, 12inches, 14inches, 16inches
  • Материјал: Људска Коса
  • Можда Је Пермед: Да
  • Врста Ставке : Перику
Superbest Sup 2017-11-11 The unit arrived today very fast! within 2 days of my ordering! The hair is soft and thick and very nice! I do wish the parting space was wider. Other than that, I am happy with my order. 4/5
Samakov 2011 2018-01-08 This transaction was amazing!!! Cora was super communicative! She is so sweet and so nice. From start to finish. When I got the hair it was super soft and had a light smell... nothing crazy. the curls were a little different than I expected after washing but they were still cute. I've had this hair for a few weeks and no major complaints. It does get a little rough, but a little love and conditioner it bounces back. The lace is nice but can bit a little rough. The only con it that this unit sheds... alot....I've noticed it mostly in the lace area but for what its worth I can deal with the shedding. I would DEFINITELY buy from Sunny again. The prices and the service was amazing and compensates for any shedding. 5/5
M Fey Pgu 2017-12-03 I get the hair in 3 days!Shipment amazingly fast!!!!!!!! I AM PLEASED WITH THAT... I saw many reviews of this wig before I placed the order. And when I receive the hair,I'm sure the reviews are all true,this wig is really pretty.I totally recommend.I washed it and use some oil on it.This curl is not hard to manage.You can see from the photos,they are so pretty.If you're also interested in it.Don't hesitate to order.It's worth your money!! 5/5
Akidahon Uz 2017-11-23 this is worth the money. the hair quality is great and it looks very beautiful. the sheading is minimal. the hair line by far is thhhheeeeee best & most realistic.Cora's communication was more than perfect. honestly this is a must buy. will tell more once I apply it to my hair.And it arrived in 4 days which is so amazing,i need it urgently for my trip,this really help me. 5/5
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