ISDS220B два пута пасс виртуелни дигитални осцилоскоп ДДС са пропусним опсегом 60М 200м ограде

ISDS220B два пута пасс виртуелни дигитални осцилоскоп ДДС са пропусним опсегом 60М 200м ограде

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  • Тип Блока : Скуп
  • Тежина Амбалаже : 0.5kg (1.10lb.)
  • Величина Паковања : 13cm x 11cm x 6cm (5.12in x 4.33in x 2.36in)

  • Пословно Име : INSTRUSTAR
  • Фреквенција Узорковања У Реалном Времену : 200MSa/с
  • Дигитални Канали: 2
  • Батерија је преносива: No
  • Величина Екрана : Нема
  • ДИИ снабдевања: Електрични
  • Ширина Траке : 60-99MHz
  • Резолуција екрана : Нема
  • Дужина Снимања : Дуго
  • Број Модела: ISDS220B
  • Максимална Брзина Снимање Таласни Облици : 30,000 таласни облици/с
Basmxach969 2017-11-26 everything just super! shipping fast. win 10 for installing some have a wonderfully so all. 5 + hard to seller. recommend. 5/5
Rostikbrateiko 2018-01-29 Received the device. Packaging was just ok. I'm not a pro, but I think this will work out for what I need. It is very small, and the software is very resourceful - I downloaded it directly for the Instrustar web site, and did not use the CD that came enclosed (didn't have a reader at hand). The probes looks like very good quality. The screen reading were ok, not very sharp, but looks like will do the trick. I think of it as a great buy. 5/5
Elxpumax 2017-11-30 in excellent condition received parcel! verified working, work, all included. заявленные not tested more characteristics, oscilloscope as received only today. * precision evaluation from this воздержусь as * description. that need time inspection. 11.11.2017 made order, 30.11.2017 today received. 5/5
Rminor9067 2017-12-24 11 on sale oscilloscope ordered november, unfortunately december 8 parcel sent seller (!) december 21 received (уфа). at the same time 100:1 р4100 делителем with test instrument ordered stripe measuring frequency up to 100 mhz. it's all комплектно and damage free. first impressions purchase positive. the latest program more set manufacturer from half month, русифицировал it later, online have reference how "радиокот" in this model of thread digitizer (p. 25. 28 and 32). theme read all general will be useful. is ok too disk installed, true or chinese, or english version, extreme version. to be more calibrate oscilloscope, in addition the ordered spb гальванической decoupling transformer (ac220v/ac220v) device itself has no such as. приобретению to recommend. 4/5
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