BIJIA 8x22 мини јацк-двоглед џепни компактан опера наочаре телескоп за лов путовање

BIJIA 8x22 мини јацк-двоглед џепни компактан опера наочаре телескоп за лов путовање

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Tagovi: компактне телескопе, наочаре лов, двоглед туристичке, Јефтини компактне телескопе, Висок квалитет поене лов, Кина двоглед добављача.

  • Тежина Амбалаже : 0.3kg (0.66lb.)
  • Величина Паковања : 14cm x 6cm x 10cm (5.51in x 2.36in x 3.94in)
  • Тип Блока : комад

  • Пословно Име : BIJIA
  • Тип: Двоглед
  • Број Модела: 8*22
Prialama 2018-04-12 received. compact. quality good. молодец seller (small gift parcel put thanks). 5/5
Shree Kumar51 2018-04-01 seller send попросила побыстрее when placing the order package and... moscow was in 9 days! conveniently folds binoculars, adjustable, rubberized case. not reminded cartoon valley)))! more set put seller free microfiber lens and tassel. very high quality the seller attitude considerate! for the purchase 3 fast shipping 5/5
Brenotokeloko 2018-03-13 fast shipping кирова to within 11 days. all the way отслеживался track. consorted with the seller. and gregarious benevolent seller. direct order one заказывал 2-а binoculars: 8х22 и12х26 готовимся-the 2018 world cup in. my order sent the goods seller. packed 5 +. and in excellent condition as in perfect доехали binoculars quality pleasantly surprised. прорезинен case (no smell) perfect lens seller super!!! gift brush-kit (binoculars each put into, фибру, lens on for inspection x2 lens бинокле. description match binoculars. recommend to purchase goods!!! to seller and thanks for fast shipping! обращусь to you need if need extra. recommend seller!!! /мундиа́ль welcome all the soccer to russia's 2018!!! will cool!!! 5/5
Ricki Harry 2018-03-07 9 days delivered order! packed perfectly. thank you very much seller, very satisfied! 5/5
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