Шатор Naturehike ултралигхтс Тага 1-2 човек камповање шатор ултралигхтс ранац 20Д тканина NH17T140-Џеј

Шатор Naturehike ултралигхтс Тага 1-2 човек камповање шатор ултралигхтс ранац 20Д тканина NH17T140-Џеј

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Tagovi: шатор 20д, шатор, бацкпацкинг шатор, Јефтини шатора 20д, Висок квалитет шатор, Кине ранац добављачи кабинама.

  • Тип Блока : комад
  • Тежина Амбалаже : 1.9kg (4.19lb.)
  • Величина Паковања : 45cm x 18cm x 18cm (17.72in x 7.09in x 7.09in)

  • Тканина: Најлон
  • Нето Тежина: 1человек
  • Сезона: Три сезоне шатори
  • Величина Паковања : 40cm x 15cm x 15cm (15.75in x 5.91in x 5.91in)
  • Структура: Једна Спаваћа Соба
  • Тежина Амбалаже : 1.5kg (3.31lb.)
  • Ван Шатор Ватерпрооф Број : >3000 мм
  • Број Модела: NH17T140-ЏЕЈ
  • Површина: 210*200 цм 1человек,210*245 2Person
  • Случај: Камповање,Планинарење,Sawanobori
  • Тип Зграде : Конструкција, заснована на потреби да се
  • Пословно Име : Naturehike ултралигхтс
  • Доњи Број Ватерпрооф : >3000 мм
  • Материјал Пол : Алуминијум
  • Стил: Отворени
  • Боје: плава,зелена
  • Слојеви: Један
  • Тип: 1 - 2 Особе Шатор
  • Капацитет: Један
Leonardomariano2009 2018-02-03 simply a great tent for the money. all stitching nice and all seams are taped. tested in poor conditions and didn't fault once. very happy indeed 5/5
Saha Nemerovsky 2018-04-12 arrived all right, the product is great. 5/5
FRANK 139 2017-12-05 It arrived in Brazil (São Paulo) in 24 days. I wasn't taxed, it doesn't smell, and everything was well packed. The seller sent the under mat along with the tent, wich was great (the mat seems to be coated with silicon on one side, that's interesting for people to know too). I didn't have the opportunity to set it up properly yet, because it doesn't stand on its on, so you have to actually be on a place with soft ground. The pegs' paint is cheap, that beautiful bright red won't last long. Despite of that, the pegs' and poles materials seem resistant and well made. I put everything inside the tent package and weighted (tent + tent package + poles + poles package + pegs and wind ropes + pegs package + mat + mat package) and i got 1,520kg (see in the picture below). Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, and I'll come back with another review after spending some time in the wild inside of it. 5/5
Mixababin 2018-03-21 The tent is not completely double-layered. I'm afraid he'll be damp and cold in it. We will see. 3/5
Garfieldallender 2018-04-12 Not as described 3/5
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