Монголски афро кинки коврџава 13x4 чипке фронт затварање са косом бебе до нарветесь Реми Ткају људске косе може

Монголски афро кинки коврџава 13x4 чипке фронт затварање са косом бебе до нарветесь Реми Ткају људске косе може

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Tagovi: затварање са дететом косе, затварање фронт, затварање затварање, Јефтини затварања са дететом косе, Висок квалитет затварање фронт, Кина затварање фирми затварање.

  • Тежина Амбалаже : 0.5kg (1.10lb.)
  • Величина Паковања : 30cm x 25cm x 20cm (11.81in x 9.84in x 7.87in)
  • Тип Блока : комад

  • Материјал Класа: Реми Косе
  • Тип: Чипке Фронт
  • Основни Материјал: Француска Чипке
  • Одговарајуће Боје Да Умре: Све Боје
  • Густина: 120%
  • Тип Људске Косе : Монголски Косе
  • Максимална Дужина: 10 инча, 12inches, 14inches, 16inches, 18 инча, 20inches
  • Текстура: Кинки Курчавое
  • Пословно Име : Можете
  • Боја Тип: Чиста Боја
  • Метод Производње: Руке Везали
  • Комада у паковању: 1 Ком Само
  • Можда Је Пермед: Да
  • Боја чипке: Средње-Браон
  • Величина Чипке : 13" к 4"
Tumenbaev 79 2017-10-22 First off Tina was absolutely great. She contacted me from start to finish and made sure I was very satisfied. The frontal was so thick and well made and the hair was beautiful. I love everything about the hair and service I recieved.. Thank you very very much. 5/5
Davydova 62 2018-04-03 I ordered the Afro kinky curly bundle from another company about 2 years ago but never install the hair because I was looking for a closure. I order the closure from this company and The textures are different. Hopefully, when I wash the hair it will be the same texture. But the company was great to work with. And I’ll definitely order from them again. 5/5
Sarahmadden 3 2017-10-19 The communication and value placed on customers with this company is amazing. I was immediately contacted via whatsapp and told my tracking number and when issues arrived with delivery they went above and beyond to make sure all went smoothly, but I had to pay £35 import duty. The hair on first look was beautiful... very afro kinky hair and soft resembling 4a, 4b curly pattern.There was no smell and the lace frontal came pre plucked. I made a lact front wig using 1 and 3 quarter bundles. THE HAIR WAS VERY FULL. This really does mimic type 4 hair. It has taken a little trial and error to find techniques and products that work for the hair. There was some issues with the frontal texture which was much more frizzy and untameable compared to the bundles and A LOT of shedding. I raised my concerns with them and was issued a part refund for the frontal. kinky curly curling custard brings out the curl pattern beautifully better taming the frizz. This is high maintenance hair! 5/5
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